Level 1

FSB Zero – A demo 1-period Financial Scoreboard ® that allows creation of a color-coded financial map, which visualizes the business intelligence hidden in the math behind the Bank Account,  Balance Sheet and Income/Expense data.  Request your free demo here.

Chart of Behaviors 1st draft – Invites leaders to brainstorm their list in answer to the question - What is the sequence of value-creating activities you follow to generate a satisfied and loyal customer; and all your financial results? Click here for Chart of Behaviors drafting tool.

Performance Measurement Tool - Map the 3 Bottom Lines, 10 of the key drivers, and up to 6 operating-level Key Performance Indicators – non-financial numbers that contribute to an overall work system performance measurement resource use profile. Click here for Performance Measurement Mapping.

Material Assumptions Index

Level 2

Accounting Investment Return Tool – A short investigation into the costs and return profile for and organization’s accounting and reporting function.  

Leadership Capacity Assay – Assessing the current status of: Whole System Goal Sharing, Budget, Business and Financial Literacy, Operational and Financial  Indicators, People Development – Problem-seeing and Problem-solving skills, and Cross-Training.

FSB Accounts Mapping Survey - a mapping worksheet for documenting how your financial statements can be input completely by linking them to the Financial Scoreboard’s universal financial statement format. Examine your Financial Statement accounts. Click here for FSB Accounts Mapping.

Financial Systems Assessment by Accounting For Success

Level 3

Meetings and Organizational Conversation Survey - Gather leadership and staff feedback and recommendations on the substance and effectiveness of the company meetings, and also the ongoing daily business conversations.

Organizational Trust Benchmark Tool - provides a numerical evaluation by which you can rate how people perceive “trust levels” in your organization. From Dean Spitzer’s Transforming Performance Measurement, AMACOM, 2007. 

Transformational Measurement - Discover the truth about how well your organization measures success. From Dean Spitzer’s Transforming Performance Measurement, AMACOM, 2007.

CEO Ideal Work Style Assay - A snapshot of what the senior leader considers to be the perfect environment for them to carry out their optimal vision of personal effectiveness in their role.

For Emerging Companies and Start-ups to Build a Compelling Business Case for Financing

Enterprise Readiness Checklist

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