Accounting 3.0 ® Case Studies

Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI) - $70mm with 700 people producing up to 250,000 Blood units a year

OBI Executive Committee Member letter 

Indigenous One-Page Case Highlights - Fair Trade Organic Clothing (1500 Weavers, Stitchers and Knitters in South America)

Indigenous Case Full Story

NAPA One-Page Case Highlights - Over 50 people and over 50 years old

NAPA Auto Parts Overview – 1 page

NAPA Case full story

Examples of Chuck Kremer's and Lou Mobley's work with 3 Bottom Line Performance ®:

Maryland Association of CPAs (MACPA) Case Highlights (9000 CPAs, 30+ staff)

MACPA Story of using Integral Operations Finance tools and methods

MACPA Sample Accounting Reports used to support the story

Pro Forma Magic Story

What have our customers achieved?

1. For the first time, the value-creating activities that drive financial performance were identified, validated and integrated into a Chart of Behaviors (cc), then linked to the Chart of Accounts to drive business objectives. 

2. Appropriate non-financial metrics were used to clarify how specific operational behaviors impact specific financial outcomes.

3. Stakeholders are engaged and enabled to access and use the available data and drive their own performance because they measure it themselves.

4. All stakeholders use a common operating language that relates Operating terms and Financial terms to each other, creating operational efficiencies. 

5. The enterprise has been transformed into a high performance culture that encourages teamwork and innovation across all levels of the organization. 

6. Leadership has developed a system of effective problem-solving and tight decision-making by using a clear picture of the financial and operational business past and future. 

7. A comprehensive picture of the whole system allows all players to see how it works and their role in it, while simultaneously supporting them to follow and/or participate in the continuous testing of its accuracy and usefulness.

8. Increased enterprise agility and effectiveness has been achieved to meet increasing rates of business change. (Examples: Developed and delivered new products; Created a viable succession plan; Secured new financing; Acquired a competitor.)

9. Company Operations, Culture and Finance are integrated to create a common bond among stakeholders, generate improved communications, identify a cohesive set values, and ultimately achieve high levels of financial performance.

Pre-2000 Cases 

IBM Return on Investment Chart for 1950-2000 on one page

What did IBM do? And 50+ Years of IBM at a Glance - from Jahn Ballard’s personal relationship as a colleague and being mentored - 5pp

Lou Mobley from 1980 to his passing in the late 80s

The ROI Graph By Walt Niehoff, from IBM’s GraphPak Software Group – a history of visualizing the performance of any company’s return on total resources, Lou liked to say. 18pp

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