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                        JW ‘Jahn’ Ballard 

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Jahn is a CEO/CFO Self-Auditing Coach, Large-scale Collaboration Designer / Facilitator and Cultural Architect. He is the Value Creation Accounting Officer (VCAO), Senior System Steward & Founding Dir. at www.integralpmi.com & www.commons.org.

Jahn Ballard has created a private sector response to failure by U.S. institution’s to require direct cash reporting – due to the fact that in 25 years, voluntary practical transparency of bank account activity has less than 2% U.S. market adoption.  

Mr. Ballard is the Inventor/Designer of Accounting 3.0 ® and Value Creation Accounting (VCA)(CC), two new fields of practice within the emerging discipline of Behavioral Accounting. His VCA and A 3.0 ™ mathematically link financial statement data that are driven by value-creating activities and internal resources effectiveness indicators. Jahn is writing a 2nd Edition of Chuck Kramer et-al's seminal Managing by the Numbers, 2000, for Basic Books, of Perseus Books Group, NY. He also co-designed the Financial Scoreboard (http://www.integralpmi.com/scoreboards.html, with Chuck Kremer, CPA. Since 2004, he has tested a voluntary financial disclosure tool (www.financialdashboard.com), reflecting overall financial health, as 3 crucial performance pictures graphed on one page. 

PMI’s Business Culture Architecture & Organization Design enable leadership to convert existing, yet hidden and/or invisible knowledge assets, into unanimous written agreement and rock-solid tactical alignment. PMI turns financial and value creation statements into at-a-glance scoreboards & dashboards - practical collaboration tools CEOs and CFOs use for finance, operations and resources data, which transform prioritizing, employee engagement & creativity; and generate predictable business results. 

PMI’s no-fee Chart of Behaviors drafting template encourages business leaders to draft a complete value creation accounting framework; first by defining the sequencing of value-creating activities that fulfill their mission, as well as generate satisfied and loyal customers and all their financial results. 

Jahn partners with the Maryland Assn of CPAs’ (www.macpa.org). He has delivered Executive Finance for Operating Leaders since 1997, providing executive finance training to nearly 1,000 CFO’s, Controllers and CPA’s (8 CPE hours, Accounting and Auditing Credits). MACPA is also one of several PMI cases featured in Jahn’s forthcoming book. Since 2001, MACPA has been a PMI tool user applying value creation accounting to re-inventing its business model, after over a century of continuing service to 9,000 CPAs. Case 2 – VCA makes a difference in a family-owned private mint, Osborne Coinage, Cincinnati, est. 1835. 

Value Creation Accounting will debut in Business Arithmetic - Managing Value by the Numbers, a 2nd Edition of Managing by the Numbers, A Commonsense Guide to Understanding and Using Your Company’s Financials, INC / Perseus, 2000. The 1st Edition is an applied ‘Street Simple Finance MBA’. The 2nd edition will be simple & practical, enabling resilience for entrepreneurs, and other leaders, to be effective creators of true wealth and sustainable jobs, by adding real world cases and no-fee business assessment tools. 

Listen to BizX Radio Episode 79: http://www.successfactors.com/podcast/focus-execution-on-the-things-that-matter/

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Jahn is the founding director of 
The Commons: an Institute of the Whole, a California not-for-profit that is spinning off PMI. His passion is creating working and learning environments where everyone can contribute their gifts and talents by building shared language, images, and business plans among and between different specialties and disciplines. He has spent decades doing business development, large-scale collaboration design, collaborative leadership development, and facilitating large-scale strategic summits for companies, communities and public benefit organizations. He is a twenty-five year practitioner of the Institute of Cultural Affairs’ Technology of Participation, as well as of Open Space Technology and World Cafe. 

He is also a co-developer of Sonoma County, CA’s www.golocal.coop since 2002, with now over 50 local leaders contributing, 350 locally-owned business members. He designed & co-founded 20 plus year-old Leadership Santa Barbara County, with over 500 Graduates - still a flourishing civic leadership endeavor. He is an advisor to the North Bay Area's 9th annual Sustainable Enterprise Conference.

Rob Lederer

Rob Lederer has worked with Jahn Ballard and PMI since 2007 as a key member of PMI’s R&D and launch teams, and continues with PMI in general management, sales, and service roles.  Rob founded Management Resources in 2002, a strategic partner of PMI, a firm that  helps small to mid-size businesses (SME’s) run better and grow.  Rob and his Management Resources team provide business & leadership coaching, management & organizational consulting, and outsourced executive services.  They have contributed to the high performance of hundreds of companies and their leaders.   

As a Business & Leadership Coach, Rob has been chosen by more owners of fast-to-explosive growth Inc. 500 and Inner City 100 award winning businesses to be their Business & Leadership Coach than has any other coach in America.  He is passionate about helping owners and management teams of fast growth businesses, family businesses, partnerships, and other SMEs be great leaders and managers, and thereby improve the companies’ performance and employees’ experience. 

For most of 2010, Rob served as interim President of SignaPay Ltd., a $10 million merchant services firm, in the credit card processing field.  Rob is part owner of his family’s business, Prime Resources Corp., one of the largest promotional products manufacturers in the US, and serves on its board.  He also served on the board of Cynergy Data.  Both are Inc. 500 and Inner City 100award-winners for fast growth.  

In addition to being a shaper/influencer of business owners, executives, and their teams, Rob is a recognized leader in the business movement to generate greater value from improved Financial and ESG practices (environmental, social, and governance).  He has been integrally involved in various such communities: B Corporations, Social Venture Network (SVN), BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies), and doing business with the massive LOHAS demographic (Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability).  He earned his MA in Public Policy with a focus on business and incentives to be more efficient at University of Chicago in 1993.

When not biking around New York City, Rob and his wife Liz may be found in the Hudson Valley and elsewhere, keeping an eye out for interesting rocks and minerals, flora and fauna (and a great cup of coffee).  


Jim Tait

Jim Tait, whose specialty is Public-Private partnerships and the lawhas been an active participant in State and Local Government and Small Business development for over 45 years.  Since 1981, Jim has also provided consulting advice focusing on energy and fiscal/budget matters to small local businesses, numerous organizations and interested parties, including Fortune 500 companies.  He has been recognized as a leader in supporting reform at the State and Local level.  He has been long committed to developing strong organizations to engage in actively transforming their local businesses, economies and governmental services to meet the challenges in our “New Economy.”

He was one of seven staff members to the 1967 Florida biennial legislative and special sessions; the first after reapportionment and under the first Republican governor since Reconstruction.  He staffed the House’s and Joint Legislative efforts which produced the 1968 Revised Constitution.  Since that time, he has actively participated in many bi-partisan efforts to strengthen Florida government and build public-private partnerships. . He served, and observed, the progress made by nine Governors and numerous legislative leaders.  He was Governor Askew’s Economic Advisor and Chief of Staff; Governor Graham’s Secretary of Administration and first Director of the Office of Planning & Budgeting in the newly created Executive Office of the Governor; and Governor Chiles’ Innovation Group Director and State Energy Director.  He was also staff director of the House Committees on Constitutional Revision (1968 Constitution), Commerce, Finance & Tax; the Florida Commission on Local Government (1967-74); and the Joint Legislative Committee on Growth Management (1988-2001).

He has also served as General Counsel to the Florida Department of Community Affairs, Executive Director of the Duke University Governors’ Center, Senior Fellow at the National Governors Association and the National Association of State Policy Advisors, IPA Associate to the US Department of Energy, Research Associate for the Florida Solar Center, Assistant General Counsel to the Florida Commission on Human Relations, and was drafter in 1972-75 of the federal Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relation’s model state codes, and author of numerous laws relating to state Fiscal and Taxation matters and Intergovernmental Cooperation.

He grew up in Tallahassee. His elementary school was across the street from the Capitol; graduated from Leon County High; subsequently graduated from Harvard College (B.A.) and FSU Law School (J.D. with honors); and received a diploma from the Army Language School in Russian.

Ruth Harris

Ruth has contributed to the PMI effort through graphic and web design, and IT support. 


Mike Ballard

 Mike Ballard is a principal of Multi Serv Pro (MSP), a consulting and professional services firm providing strategic marketing services in the form of career transition consulting, project management, product development, proposal (RFP) teams, search engine optimization (SEO), media content, and technology brand development. Through MSP, Mike has coached 1,200+ adults in career transitions, built local service brands and introduced emerging technologies to the US and international industrial markets.

Most recently, Mike served as Vice President of Sales & Marketing at SunTrac Solar, a Colorado-based startup firm in the solar thermal market. During his tenure at SunTrac, Ballard conducted a successful market acceptance campaign that resulted in a $25M+ sales pipeline featuring large-scale solar thermal projects throughout the world. He also oversaw the successful introduction of AMAX evaporative cooling products to the Colorado market, establishing successful demonstration showcase accounts to feature AMAX technology. Mr. Ballard is a talented presenter, trainer and public speaker who specializes in communicating technical concepts to non-technical audiences. 

Mike Ballard is an entrepreneur and career coach with 7 years career development experience, working with 900+ adults in career transitions. He is a Senior Career Consultant with the Impact Group, Career Curve, and AJ O’Connor, providing career services to US corporate outplacement clients. He became Executive Director of non-profit Turning Points Research Institute in 2003.  The family-run education firm was founded by his parents.  His tenure marked a new direction for Turning Points.  A new business plan, branding, marketing and key accounts were developed. Mike raised $300K+ in new funding to bring the Turning Points concepts to a mass, online audience.

Ballard received a BA from St Lawrence University. Mike has produced a variety of web-based marketing, production and public relations projects, involving web design, voice-over, original music composition and performance, copy writing, graphics design and layout.  As a leader with Friends of Red Rocks, he has produced over a dozen community concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, as well as several of Colorado’s other leading performance venues. Multi Serv Pro (MSP) was originally conceived as a “multimedia service provider” specializing in producing and supporting on-line interactive services.  Ballard is also a published poet, songwriter, musician and actor.

Randy Peters

Ms. Peters is a 35 year veteran of the telecommunications industry having served as an expert in business planning and operations management for some of the most complex, global high-technology firms.  Beginning her career with AT&T, she contributed to its own global five year business strategy and to several new market business plans.  In her next role at AT&T, she served as the business planning manager for a $2.5 billion revenue product.  She has designed, bid, and deployed large scale networks and data centers for several multi-national and domestic corporations, including a recent assignment managing the installation of a nationwide 911 network for IP service providers featuring over 16,000 endpoints, and, 4,000 local government stake holders.  Other accomplishments include designing and winning a 2,500 seat call center with fail-safe business continuity for a major Texas utility along with their gas pipeline network and Internet service business.  

Ms. Peters continues to oversee network and information systems engagements, while lending other experts her business planning experience to help launch promising start-ups.   

In addition to numerous graduate level business training accreditations, Ms. Peters holds a BA and an MA from the University of Kansas.


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